Fallout 4 Update: 60 FPS Patch For Consoles Isn't Happening

There are things that Fallout 4 players complain about in consoles. And most certainly, one of these is the frame rate (fps) issue. In any other games, fps can be a deal breaker -- especially to people who are vulnerable to motion sickness or something. But other than that, it just completely robs the enjoyment off from the game. Unfortunately for FO4 fans, they better stop hoping for a shot at it. Why? That's because it's unlikely for Bethesda to go down that road.

It's already a fact that lots of Fallout 4 console players are hoping for the studio to look into the fps thing. Some suggest that the video game company can bump it all up via a patch while others look to it as an option in next gen consoles (PS4 Pro, for instance). While this is certainly a great addition -- a must have actually -- it's far from being a reality.

Via Twitter, Bethesda's very own Pete Hines shed some light on the aforementioned Fallout 4 loophole. That all those talks about the game getting a 60 fps patch aren't true. That the titular title, in one way or another, won't be getting such. This is certainly a bummer, so to speak.

Without giving any specifics, Hines iterated to the Fallout 4 fans that no such patch is coming or being developed. Probably the studio is focused on a new project of some sort (remember the rumored two titles they're working). Or perhaps, it's a clear sign that Bethesda is completely done with the game. So, in a sense, Nuka World is indeed the last DLC. And if there are any updates, these could simply be minor ones.

Of course, this could come as a disappointment -- something that affects the whole Fallout 4 community. But hey, what can they really do? It's always up to the developers. Well, they can look into the bright side, and see it as window for the company to develop more games. Either that, not getting a 60 fps is still a bummer -- a huge one.

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4 not getting a 60 fps patch? Do you think Bethesda should really make it? If so, what are your expectations? Be sure to share us what you think at the comment section below!

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