‘One Piece’ Chapter 846 Spoilers, News And Updates: Sanji Controlled By Pudding? Nami And Luffy Defeated And Captured?

The previous chapter of "One Piece" chapter 846 showed that Pudding is continuing her romantic relationship with Sanji. But since she is doing this only to manipulate and control Sanji, many fans believe that this fake romance will be dropped like a hot potato. The upcoming chapter will show if their speculation is right.

There Are Two Probable Scenarios Between Sanji And Pudding

Some fans thought that Pudding is manipulating Sanji. They based their belief on the last scene of 'One Piece' Chapter 845. These fans revealed their speculation at Manga Drone and said that once Sanji finds out the truth, he will be persuaded to go back to his former mates.

However, there are also fans that say Sanji was the one who lied to Pudding when he insisted on continuing with their marriage. Since he knows that Big Mom will not permit them to talk in private, Sanji allowed the spectator to hear their discussion and persuaded Big Mom that he is really intent on marrying her daughter.

Here Are Some Chapter 846 Spoilers

"One Piece" chapter 846 will show an upcoming fight between Luffy and Big Mom's army which will be led by Bobbin. This commander is very ruthless and loyal to his captain. Luffy will continue to fight but his attacks will only hit the chess piece soldiers. Eventually, his attacks will slow down.

Bobbin is the first one who will attack Luffy. He pulls his sword and slashes at Luffy who is hard pressed in defending himself. When he is about to be defeated the other homies went to his rescue. The army was indignant that the homies would dare to attack them. Who will be victorious and who will be on the run? The scene finally ends with homies destroyed by the army.

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