Should Samsung Worry About The Recent Report Of A Galaxy J5 Explosion?

A Samsung Galaxy J5 user is planning to sue Samsung. This is after her phone caught fire and exploded this weekend. The incident is akin to what happened with the tech company's infamous Galaxy Note 7. Samsung's 2.8 million washing machines have also been recently recalled for being defective.

Should Samsung worry about the reported incident? Is it only an isolated case?

A Samsung Galaxy J5 Explodes

The Associated Press reported that a Galaxy J5 phone has caught fire and exploded in France this weekend. The smartphone owner Lamya Bouyirdane talked to AP and described the incident. She said that the phone got very hot when her son passed it over to her. Bouyirdane also noticed that the back of the phone had expanded.

She threw the phone when the smoke was already coming out of it. Eventually, the Galaxy J5 smartphone met its demised. Bouyirdane mentioned that the Samsung device was purchased off the internet back in June, according to a French website.

She is now planning to sue the tech company. She cited that his son could have lost his hand because of the explosion.

Samsung's Ongoing Battles

A spokesperson for Samsung has told CNET that the Korean-based company is yet to obtain and thoroughly examine the said device. They insisted that safety is still their highest priority. Samsung is willing to work with their customers who experience problems in the tech giant's products.

Such incidents should be investigated. Furthermore, their customers deserved assistance. However, Samsung reiterated that the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 are isolated to only that model.

Samsung initially suggested that the Galaxy Note 7 explosions were caused by the defective battery. This turned out to be wrong since the phones with replaced batteries still faced the same dilemma. Samsung recently put an end to the Galaxy Note 7. It will no longer manufacture the said model.

On the other hand, Samsung's washing machines have also been recalled.

The Effect Of The Recent Explosion Incident

The said incident in France is only the first reported explosion of Galaxy J5. Battery explosions are not far from usual. Smartphone users have already been advised to not let their batteries overheat. A short circuit can be prevented through different ways.

Samsung should worry if this gets bigger than the Galaxy Note 7. An explosion of one Galaxy J5 unit is not enough to end this certain model. Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are still keeping the company the king of the smartphone market.

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