Will Samsung's Washing Machines Suffer The Same Fate As The Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung's television and home appliances are not as big as its smartphones. The company has already suffered a huge blow for its defective Galaxy Note 7. Now, the company is facing another major recall. This time, it involves 2.8 million units of its washing machines. Will these products face the same fate as the Galaxy Note 7?

The Defective Washing Machines

According to ABC News, Samsung and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are recalling the company's washing machines after 730 units have been reported to explode. CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye has told Good Morning America that there's a very serious hazard.

Apparently, the top of these washing machines completely blows off. This might have been caused by a design failure. The said defective washing machines are Samsung's 34 top-loading models. They were sold from March 2011 to November 2016.

Samsung's Response

Samsung has apologized on a statement released to GMA. The company is already taking action in offering a consumer friendly recall. They pointed out that it is their priority to minimize any safety risk and address the conditions that lead to the defect of the machines.

Furthermore, they ensured that their service teams will be visiting consumers to repair and help resolve concerns about the recalled washing machines.

What Should Affected Consumers Do?

The CPSC has advised affected consumers to contact Samsung for a free in-home repair. This will include reinforcements of the washer's top and a free one-year extension of warranty.

They could also choose to receive a rebate. This means that they will be able to purchase a new Samsung or other brand washing machine. It also comes with a free installation of the new unit and removal of the old unit.

The last option is a full refund for consumers who have purchased the washing machines within the past 30 days of the recall announcement.

The consumers will all receive a Home Label Kit with a control panel guide and additional safety instructions in the mail. Lastly, they are encouraged to only use the delicate or waterproof cycles when washing bedding, water-resistant and bulky items. This should be done if they have not installed the Home Label Kit yet.

An Addition To Samsung's Woes

This is not the first major recall for the Korean-based company. The infamous Galaxy Note 7 issue was not handled well by Samsung. It turned out that the company was wrong in its initial findings that the problem of the explosion was the phone's battery. This became evident when the phones still exploded despite the replacement of the batteries.

In the case of Samsung's washing machines, it seemed that the exact problem was immediately and correctly identified. It also helped that the CSPC stepped in. This will still affect Samsung's image even though this market is not as big as its smartphones. But the fact that this has been addressed is a good news for Samsung.

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