Black Friday Sale 2016: Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS For Less Than $100

By Edge Ison , Nov 08, 2016 03:46 AM EST

Nintendo has been making a lot of noise in recent weeks and will continue to do so during the Black Friday Sale. The gaming company is releasing a Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS in time for the sale.

After unveiling a number of new devices including the Nintendo Switch and the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is now releasing a couple of limited edition versions of the 3DS for only $99.99 each.

The Nintendo 3DS usually sells for $200 but will be available for half its price starting on Nov. 25. No mention has been made on when the end of the sale will be. Fans of Nintendo and the 3DS in particular are advised to take this opportunity to get their hands on the hand-held console once the sale starts especially since the 3DS has become rare nowadays.

The Verge reports that the new 3DS console will be available in black or white with subtle prints of popular images from the Super Mario game.

The Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS will still be in 3D, of course. It was first unveiled back in 2010 and the 3DS' facial tracking capability vastly improved the game's 3D graphics. While the 3DS had its share of fans, the 3D fad was unfortunately, just that - a fad. The hysteria eventually died down after it didn't catch on with smartphones and TVs.

Nintendo intends to capitalize on the 'retro' mood it is in right now. The company, as mentioned, is releasing the miniature version of the iconic NES. It will hold an '80s themed party in anticipation for the NES Classic Edition's release. Nintendo also recently announced the return of the Power Line during the weekend of the release.

The Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS intends to do the same with the console from the early 2010s.

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