‘One Piece’ Episode 763 Spoilers, Recap: Bege Capone Overpowers Sanji, Captures Chopper And Nami; Will Straw Hats Disintegrate?

"One Piece" Episode 763 ended with two members of Big Mom's pirates confronting Sanji. He thought that it is just simply handing off Caesar to them since they no longer need a hostage. However, it turns out that Big Mom has another agenda. Meanwhile, Bege Capone is now one of the underlings of the alliance of Big Mom.

Bege Capone Is A Lot Smarter Than Previously Thought

Bege Capone is a Chicago-style gangster who is at the same super-rookie level of Luffy. But as an underling of Big Mom, he was not only able to overcome Brook and Sanji but also captured Chopper and Nami. He did it with the mini-army that resides inside his body which is made possible by his Devil Fruit Powers.

Capone's power was officially called "Castel-Castle Fruit." He has a body like a fortress. Anyone who happens to go inside his field will shrink and will be forced to live inside his body. The crew, including Caesar was captured in his body while he and Sanji were talking things out across a dinner table much like adults do.

What Fans Can Expect In Future Episodes

Fans of "One Piece" Episode 763 can look forward to the development of the story line where the classic damsel-in-distress position will be the focus. The gender roles in the show have long been neglected and seemed to be thrown into the backburner. But now it seems the creators of the show is resurrecting this interesting twist.

Promotion Of The New Episodes Is Underway

 "One Piece" Episode 763 was shown in the United States on Nov. 5. Toei Animation began promoting the show since the start of November. The TV show is being continuously seen by increasing number of fans. There is no sign of it slowing down considering that the series has already surpassed the 700 mark. Fans can check out the video below for what they can expect in future episodes.

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