Infinite Warfare Optimization Guide For Low FPS, Crashes, And Low Graphics Quality

Some players are experiencing technical issues in the game like low fps count, random crashes, and low graphics quality. These problems occur commonly on high-end PCs and video cards. Luckily, the possible fixes for these problems are found in the settings menu of the game.

How To Fix Low Frames Per Second

Video Options. Here, you can set your desired Brightness using the slider and keep the Colorblind Filter disabled. Enable your FPS Counter so you can keep track of it while in the game. Don't touch the Optimal Video options. The last entry, Advance Video Options, will take you to another menu.

Display Options. In this menu, you can set your video card, monitor, refresh rate, and your resolution. Set your Display Mode fullscreen and select "No" in the Sync Every Frame. For Render Resolution, choose "Native" or set it higher than 100% to get more GPU usage.

Light And Shadow Options. Now this part is very important. Set "Normal" for Shadow Map Resolution and Shadow Caster Levels then select "No" for both Cache Spot Shadows and Cache Sun Shadows to reduce blurriness. You can select your preference for the other options aside from the Tessellation in the Miscellaneous that is best at "Near." For detailed setup, visit this community guide.

How To Fix Freezes and Crashes

Activision Support site once stated that the Windows Store Version of Infinite Warfare has more bugs compared to the Steam Version. Possible fix for this is performing a Clean Boot on your PC. This will minimize the number of drivers and startup programs in Windows. Another effective solution is making the game an exception in your antivirus program. Your antivirus program creates conflicts with the game especially when you try to access the options menu.

How To Improve Your Graphics

Hover to your NVIDIA control panel and look for the options "Manage 3D Settings." Next, choose the second tab named "Program Settings" then search and select Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Below, you can see specific settings for the game. Look for the "Power Management Mode" and set it to "Maximum Performance." To have better Infinite Warfare experience, you can also read our guide about the best class setups for leveling up.

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