Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Guide: Best Class Setups For Leveling Up

Selecting best weapons, perks, and attachments can be hard sometimes especially for beginners in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There are many you can choose from the different type of guns ranging from assault rifles to machine guns, snipers, shotguns, and pistols. This guide will point out the best combinations of weapons and perks to roll out multiplayer battles in the game.

Class 1. This class setup is perfect for flankers. Use the Type-2 Assault Rifle as your primary weapon and always use akimbo mode for close combats. This weapon has the highest fire rate in the class so you might want to add Foregrip as an attachment. Also, attach a Particle Amp to add power on long range attacks. Best perks for this class are Dexterity, Momentum or Scavenger, and Gung-Ho.

Class 2. HVR as the primary weapon with attachments Suppressor, Quickdraw, and an Extended Mag is also good for players who aims at a high number of kills. Set Blast Shield as a perk as well as Hardline for kill bonuses and Gung-Ho. Gung-Ho enables you to shoot and use equipment while sprinting.

Class 3. This is a defensive class which will benefit more for players playing in Domination, but also helpful for campers. Set KBAR-32 as your primary attached with Suppressor, Quickdraw, and Extended Mag. You can also add Foregrip if necessary. Use Ghost as a perk to not be seen with UAVs and radars.

Class 4. This is the best class for hunters who run around the map. Set RPR Evo as primary and attach it with Suppressor, Quickdraw, and Extended Mag. Note that activating its Assault Rifle Mode will slow down the fire rate so you might want to avoid doing that. Best perks in combo with these are Dexterity, Tac Resist, Scavenger, and Gung-Ho.

Those are the classes best used if you want to level up. You can partner it with Synaptic Rig which is very effective for the speed increase and close quarter combats. Throw it in with Equalizer payload plus Combat Burst trait then you're good to go. If you are playing Zombies in Spaceland, you can visit our guide to locate all the hidden perks.


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