'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 66 Spoilers: Potara Fusion To Happen; Vegeto More Powerful Than Before

Things are getting more exciting for "Dragon Ball Super". Episode 65 finally shows Goku Black's true identity and his fusion with Zamasu just made things more complicated. The new combined power is perceived as a god-like form that looks like is impossible to beat.

However, fans are confident that Goku and his gang will find a way to defeat the new enemy and it looks like they already have. In the latest teaser of the "Dragon Ball Super", Goku and Vegeta seems to have done a Potara Fusion that creates a much powerful Vegeto. The last time Vegeto was seen is when he defeated Majin Buu so fans can't wait to witness his power once again.

The new Vegeto is believed to be almost twice more powerful than he was before since Goku and Vegeta already got Super Saiyan Blue strength as seen in the previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super". In the teaser, Vegeto is seen fighting Zamasu and it's really hard to tell who's got the upper hand but fans are sure that Vegeto will find his weakness and defeat the villain.

The only problem is the fact that Zamasu is immortal. Regardless of how powerful Goku and Vegeta becomes, how can they possibly kill an immortal or at least forever stop him from doing evil things to humanity and the world?

For English fans that have not watched episode 65 yet, an English dubbed episode has already been released. More episodes of the series will be released in English dub in the future so fans who are planning to do a marathon should watch out for that. Episode 66 is scheduled to air on November 13 and episode 67 on November 30. The gap in between each episode almost takes 2 weeks so spoilers like this help fans satisfy their craving for "Dragon Ball Super"

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