New Nintendo 3DS Model For Less Than $100

Nintendo has made several good and bad moves along the way but one of the smartest moves they've done so far is continuing support for the Nintendo 3DS console even after the Switch was revealed. In return, the 3DS console has not failed to deliver and still one of the best selling franchises of the company. With Black Friday just around the corner, Nintendo has once again leveraged that advantage by offering very delectable deals that are hard to resist.

The offer comes with new Nintendo 3DS model which are very cheap - less than $100. The deal which starts on November 25 gives holiday shoppers an option between the black and white design of the new model. The new models are just regular-sized DS and feature the usual Nintendo icons, such as Mario, coins, Goombas, and other popular Nintendo characters.

The new models are said to have better performance, 3D visuals, and Amiibo support. It is a good deal for those who are looking for affordable gift ideas or don't have a 3DS yet.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has offered some good deals and rewards starting this November for 3DS and WiiU titles. The rewards and discounts are available for those who have collected enough coins on MyNintendo. Just take note, however, that the rewards are different between Europe and North America. Here are the following titles on sale in the two regions:

In North America, there is a 30 percent discount on Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii U)— 70 Gold Coins, EarthBound (Wii U)— 40 Gold Coins Kirby Super Star (Wii U)— 200 Platinum Coins, and EarthBound (3DS)— 40 Gold Coins.

Meanwhile, BOXBOY! (3DS)— 100 Platinum Coins and HarmoKnight (3DS)— 300 Platinum Coins will get a 20 percent discount, while Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (3DS)— 600 Platinum Coins will have a 15 percent discount.

In Europe, KORG M01D (3DS) will be given at half the price if you have 80 Gold Coins. Typoman (Wii U) will have a 30 percent off if you gathered 250 Platinum Coins; 25 percent off for Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (Wii U)— 300 Platinum Coins; 20 percent for Pocket Card Jockey (3DS)— 10 Gold Coins Coins; and 15 percent off for Ultimate NES Remix (3DS)— 300 Platinum Coins. 

These discounts will be available until February 2017.

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