Apple iPhone 8 News: iPhone Changes And Omissions You Might Not Have Been Ready For

If there's one thing Apple has already made clear, it's that they aren't scared of change. Whether you like it or not, Apple will change things in their iPhone whenever they see fit. Of course, this could also mean that they won't change the things that annoy you if they don't deem it necessary. Here are some of the things that Apple has changed on the iPhone and will change on next year's iPhone 8.

Apple's Evolution Of iPhones

When Apple released the iPhone 6, it was clear that the company is ready to change its iPhone size significantly anytime. Soon enough the company also transferred the power button and eventually removed the well-loved 3.5 mm jack. Techno Buffalo says that the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone could imply the omission of the jack in future Apple products.

Needless to say, all these changes are eventually embraced by the consumers because after all, the iPhone delivers superb performance through its ultra-fast processor. Sure there are negative reactions at the beginning especially since it is almost impossible to absorb change in an instant. However, the iPhone has already proven itself to be so well-loved that any of its new and omitted features will still be accepted by the consumers.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

Speaking of iPhone changes, rumor is strong that Apple will once again change some iconic iPhone features next year. Apart from the lack of a 3.5 mm jack, the iPhone 8 could also ditch the flat body and instead, feature an edge-to-edge display. The physical home button might also be removed once and for all. As per Mac Rumors, the iPhone 8's Touch ID and camera may already be embedded in the phone's display. This, of course, is in light to the rumor that the next iPhone will have an all-glass body.

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