'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 68 Spoilers: A Devastating End, Goodbye Trunks

(HD) Vegito is back! Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 English Subbed CC Preview
Vegito is back to wreck havoc. Photo : KamiTube / YouTube

Heroes are not meant to die but in every story, somebody has to make a sacrifice. Dragon Ball Super Series episode 66-69 just showcased the brilliance of its producers and writers.

Before we proceed with maybe the saddest episode in Dragon Ball Super Series, lets check what happened on the previous episodes. Starting with episode 66 titled "Showdown! The Unyielding Warrior's Miraculous Power". The countdown has already started for us to be able to watch this massive episode however, a lot of reports were already made on what will happen in episode 66.

Vegito's Resurgence

On my previous reports and with Geekdom's sources, there's one key point that we have to look into in episode 66 and it's all about the potara earrings. As per the elder Kai's on the earlier episode, fusion should never be used while you are are at your peak. The fusion will eventually destroy the two persons involved and will ultimately kill them.

A Visitation From Omni-King

After weeks of allegations and speculations, it is already confirmed that Vegito will resurface. A lot of videos are already showing on the internet that the badass fighter is back to destroy the god-like creature in Zamasu. Speaking of gods, Episode 67 will have a special visitor and that would be none other than Omni-King. Now, here's the part where everything gets twisted. On the previous episode, it was mentioned that Vegito will destroy Zamasu, but on the recent reports, it states that Omni-King will show who the real god is.

Omni-King doesn't make that many appearance, however, if he does, you know something is about to get down. The last time we saw All King was when he suggested to have another tournament. A tournament where all of the 12 universes will compete. He stated that he wants to see the best fighters from each universe and possibly training the winner. Also, they did mention that Omni-King will show a glimpse of his power.

"Farewell Trunks"

Today we just got a word from the most reliable source in Dragon Ball Super Episode. Herms98 is known for providing quality and accurate informations when it comes to revealing a specific plot or scenarios. He posted on his twitter account @Herms98 three titles for three episodes. One shocking title posted there is "Farewell Trunks". If we are going to follow the sequence of the episode, Trunks' impending destruction might happen on episode 68.

Episode 69 on the other hand is still vague, even @Herms98 tried to decode it; but there's no significant information provided yet. As far as the fans are concerned, episode 69 might be the last time that we are going to talk about merged Zamasu. It will also show and introduce as a new arc; as one reliable site said. For now, let's just wait Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 to be aired on November 13.

" Showdown! The Unyielding Warriors' Miraculous Power" will be a testament to both characters. Whether it's Vegito versus Zamasu or Zamasu versus Omni-King, we already know the results. Below is the preview of episode 66. Enjoy!

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