Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Spoilers: A Visit From The Omni-King; Bye-Bye Zamasu

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 might not have been aired yet however, we already have have a great scope on what is going to happen, especially to Merged Zamasu. Will this be his impending defeat?

Ever since episode 65 was aired, there are a lot of rumors and allegations already on what will happen with Merged Zamasu and our heroes. As seen on their previous battle, Zamasu has the ability to adapt and adjust to any attack of Goku and Vegeta. Future Trunks also tried to help but to no avail they can't stop the juggernaut in Zamasu. They tried to contain him as well but it dramatically failed and it just anger him more.

Merged Zamasu vs Everybody

Just when we thought that our heroes are getting even with the devil in flesh, he gets stronger. Zamasu was visibly pissed and they used the potara earrings to combine their powers. He then proceed and calls himself as The Light of A God. The elder kai's were astonished with Zamasu's final form. A combination of ultimate strength and power of immortality, he is a force to wreckon with. He showcased his offensive attack such as 'Blades of Judgement', 'Lightning of Absolution', and the 'Holy Wrath'.

Episode 66: "Showdown" The Unyielding Warriors Miraculous Power

The title of the episode speaks for itself as two of the strongest titans in the universe will face each other. Geekdom already reported that this clash will bring a new twist and turn on the ongoing saga of Dragon Ball Super. And finally, we will see the emergence of Vegito. This character doesn't need any introduction, he is built to destroy any opponents that is against him. If there's one fighter that is capable to defeat Zamasu, that will be Vegito(Omni-King is not included).

Episode 67: A Visit From The Omni-King! Bye-Bye Zamasu!

As confirmed by one of the respected sites, Omni-King will make its appearnce and probably be the judge and the juror against Zamasu. Omni-King rarely makes an appearance but if he does, you know something is about to get down. Last time we saw All King is when he proposed to have another tournament to gather all the strongest fighter from each universe. Some of the fans say that we will see a glimpse of Omni-Kings power in this episode.

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