GTA 5 Tips And Tricks: How To Earn Big Money Fast

The easiest way to earn money in 'Grand Theft Auto 5' for Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360 console, and Windows PC players is either robbing from your team or stealing from a store owner. Not many may know that there are more ways in 'GTA 5' to find money fast without the need to get them from your team.

Stealing from Armored Vans In GTA 5

In 'Grand Theft Auto 5', you are likely to run into an armored van every once in a while and you shouldn't miss getting cash from it whenever you do. Armored vans in 'GTA 5' usually carry a lot of money but you need to be quick as it also comes with bodyguards that will try to escape quickly. Quickly eliminate the guards and open the back door. You can use a shotgun or a sticky bomb to destroy the lock and you instantly get cash when the door is opened. The amount varies from five to six thousand.

Playing the Stock Exchange In GTA 5 

If you don't like stealing or don't want to risk getting caught by the police and increasing your Wanted Level, you can also play the Stock Exchange in 'Grand Theft Auto 5' and earn a substantial amount of money. However, this can be a little tricky since you need to know which shares to pick. Just like in real life, the stock exchange in 'GTA 5' goes up and down so you need to take note of the changes when you hear them. If you need to hear the changes again, don't worry because you can also go to options and check it. Buy the right shares, usually depends on Franklin who kills CEOs for Lester. All you need to do is buy the opposite corporation of the CEO that Franklin will kill and you can be sure you get good cash.

Save Money In GTA 5 

Of course the best and safest way to earn money in 'Grand Theft Auto 5' is by saving money and minimize spending. Don't always buy weapons in 'GTA 5' because you can get that from others or somewhere else. You don't need a car either because you can always steal it. And you can also get 15% discount in ammunition when you finish all the shooting range challenges. If you're really good in 'Grand Theft Auto 5', you can get up to 25% discount if you get gold medal in the challenges.

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