Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Leaked Retail Copies Becoming A Hot Topic Online

Pokemon Sun and Moon release date is just a couple of weeks away and fans are pumped up to play the full game from the Pokemon franchise after the previously released demo version. However, currently, it seems like some players have already leaked access to the upcoming titles.

As previously reported, the two game titles would not hit the stores until Nov. 18. However, based on the report from Game Rant, several retail copies of Pokemon Sun and Moon have been released to the public, which leaves the online world full of spoilers for all fans of the franchise. For those fans who do not want to be spoiled, it was highly recommended to stay away from any Pokemon-related sites. However, if you are curious enough to know, here are some of the details regarding the upcoming games.

A YouTube channel named Kaphotics, who previously compiled all the datamined videos of Pokemon Sun and Moon, released a new content for the upcoming Pokemon games. The video footage highlights some new information which includes the stats and movesets of the starter Pokemon and their respective evolutions. There are also videos about the mythical creatures called the Ultra Beasts and the Alola forms of several Pokemon species. Legendary Pokemon Zygarde's reappearance was also featured in the latest videos, which leaked information about its new transformations. For detailed information about the topic, just visit the game's subreddit by clicking the link here.

On the other hand, Pokemon Sun and Moon is now on the verge of being considered as one of the largest games that the franchise has launched for several years, as seen from their huge number of pre-orders. The game appears to bring all types of players, both old and new, to the franchise. In addition, the demo version has already recorded a massive 3.5 million downloads as people are hyped up prior to the game's official release.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out on Nov. 18 exclusively for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.


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