Pokemon GO Has A Secret: Niantic Continually Adding More, Says CEO

By Mhico V. , Nov 10, 2016 08:14 AM EST

Pokemon GO has been a trend lately due to its huge comeback. Fans are now expecting much updates from time to time. Niantic CEO, John Hanke, recently announced that there are a lot of secrets that remain undiscovered from the game. It made the fans so excited and curious about what the CEO is talking about. There are rumors that the secrets might be a legendary Pokemon or a new system feature that is about to come.

Pokemon GO: What Is The Hidden Secret From The Game?

Niantic CEO, John Hanke, did confirm that there are secrets in Pokemon GO. But Hanke never said what those were. Players today found out that 100 new Pokemon have been added to the system codes. This may not be a secret anymore as it was confirmed by the CEO himself that there is more than that. Players can now safely expect that Gen 2 Pokemon will arrive in the game soon. Some rumors say that the secret could be a surprise legendary Pokemon or the much awaited PVP system. Hanke also said that he will not give any clue for the secrets. This could mean Hanke might want players to discover what these secrets are themselves.

Pokemon GO: 100 Gen 2 Pokemon Entering The Game Soon

Although there is no confirmation about the release of Gen 2 Pokemon yet, the codes for the mysterious 100 Pokemon have been seen by many players. This could mean that players are close to get their hands on their favorite Gen 2 Pokemon. There are also rumors that Ditto will enter the game soon as some believe that Ditto is included on the new 100 Pokemon code. This brings a lot of excitements for the fans as the much awaited Ditto will finally be gracing the popular game soon.

Pokemon GO can be played on Android and iOS.

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