Trump Tower Heightens Security Due To Protesters; Residents Plan To Move Out

After Donald Trump was officially announced as the new President of the United States of America, protesters have started to show up at Trump Tower on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. This resulted in an extreme traffic in the area and increased security measures.

However, wealthy residents of Trump Tower are not really happy with the changes. Residents complain that they are now being asked to show their ID and have difficulty going in and out of their own home. In addition, store employees in the vicinity had no choice but to desert their shops as traffic has left the area into a complete standstill.

Real estate brokers confirm the news as they claim that its residents are planning to move out. Affluent residents of Trump Towers are even planning to use skyscrapers to exit the building because they don't want to go through the heightened security again and protesters.

People in the same neighborhood confirm the big changes after Trump was announced POTUS. They said the new heavy security is very visible and 56th up to 57th street is completely blocked. There are even checkpoints in the streets and no-fly-zone. This means that residents of Trump Tower planning to use helicopters will also be prohibited.

Trump Tower resident, Norman Horowitz, reveals "It's amazing that all my friends and colleagues and my business associates are calling me daily, how am I surviving," The 58-story building now implements 24 hours secret service security. He adds its not easy walking around 3 to 4 blocks just to go in at night. Deliveries are also prohibited from going in the tower so it has really made things very difficult for the residents.

NYPD Commisioner James O'Neill announces that they are closely working with the Secret Service to create a plan that will ensure the safety of the residents and the neighborhood without greatly affecting their daily lives.

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