Donald Trump Might Abolish Video Games Now That He Is US President

Trump presidency predicted by 'The Simpsons'
The United States has their 45th president elected, how does this affect the video game industry? Would video games people operate the same way or are there any new sets of rules? Photo : YouTube / CNN

Reactions about Donald Trump's US presidential victory have been flooding on my feeds since Hillary Clinton conceded. In some news, people have been on mass protests sending out hate messages to their elected president, in some, people are glad and try to justify that they made the right choice. For a few, they're just neutral. But mostly the election result had negative responses probably because of all the controversies Trump has had and is currently having. I've even read something about Canada being the next home to Americans as Trump's numbers rose against Clinton's in the afternoon of the elections - yes, I also heard about Canada's immigration site crashing due to the number of visitors. And as of this point, those celebrities who bet that they'd leave the country if Trump wins are now on spotlight if they would actually carry out their promises.

Regardless of what the reactions are, it's time to face the music and check if this event has affected our individual and community interests or not. This is why I write this article today; and for those who ask, yes there might or might not be effects on the video game industry when Trump assumes office as President of the United States.

The Simpsons may have predicted Trump's victory more than 10 years ago but there are no guaranteed predictions about what he's going to do next now that he just became the next US president. It has been a norm that video games and politics do not mix but this particular article I wrote months ago may prove otherwise. Another reason why this crossed my mind is that Trump is a businessman and video games are part of business.

Trump may abolish video games

In his official account's tweet, Trump said that video game violence and video game glorification should be stopped because it has created 'monsters', "Video game violence & glorification must be stopped-it is creating monsters!" I know the tweet was broadcasted in 2012 but who knows, maybe this will be one of his agenda. He was not president yet this is his thought on video games. Now that he is in office, it's probable that anti-video games people would knock on the White House's door for support, or whatever proper channel process thing it goes through.

Three years later, a reply from @KEEMSTAR, an account specializing in social interactions about online entertainment, says that Trump no longer thinks this way, and that the topic was all about issues on mental health, not video games. This statement hasn't been confirmed yet by the US president himself but let's hope that this is currently the case.

Why gamers shouldn't be worried, for now

Obviously, there's tons of stuff for a US president to handle before Trump can even pick up the case on video games. He's a businessman and video games are business that contribute to the country's revenue, so most probably he won't be touching this industry unless he has enough reasons to.

Second, he's president of the US, not the world. Video games don't only come from the US, so if in case it's really true that he'd kick all video game developers out of the country, there are tons of places where video games come from. I'll just feel sorry for US gamers who wouldn't be able to game anymore. Quite a long shot theory but possible, right?

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