Dry Skin Care In Winter: 5 Incredible Tips From Augusta University

As winter gradually spreads its cold arms around, it is important to protect your skin. Augusta University Medical Center has come up with a number of incredible tips for dry skin care. Here are five of those.

Protect What You Wash The Most: Hands

People are likely to wash hands more often than other body parts. That is why hands need extra protection. Do not use extremely hot water to wash your hands. Use a hand cream each time after washing your hands. While using gloves, make sure you use a material that does not irritate the skin.

Use A Gentle Soap For Your Skin

If the soap you're using may be harsh to your skin, it is time to change it. Usually, antibacterial soaps with strong fragrances contain ingredients that tend to be irritating to the skin. It is better to go for a moisturizing cleanser which is fragrance-free. Another suggestion is to reduce the amount of soap you apply on your skin.

Moisturize. And Then, Moisturize More.

The body gets dry immediately after you wash it. It is important to lock the moisture soon after your wash your skin. After you pat dry the skin, use an oil-based moisturizer or an ointment. It protects the skin with a layer that is much more effective than lotions or creams. Do not use body lotions with citrus fragrances for dry skin care, as it can irritate or burn the skin in winter.

Avoid Hot Water For Shower

Do not use hot water for shower. Even though it can be relaxing, it tends to take away the natural oil from the skin, according to WebMD. Instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water. Also, do not have long showers in winter. Restrict your shower time to once a day for 10 minutes to retain the due moisture.

Dress Up In Multiple Layers

Wearing layers help prevent overheating which is harmful to your skin. Use soft material against your skin before wearing a sweater. Overheating can cause itches, especially for those who have an eczema-prone skin. They should avoid direct contact from wool for dry skin care this winter, WRDW News 12 reports.

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