PlayStation VR Best Sellers Result Out, Batman: Arkham VR Ranked High

With barely a month from release, Sony has posted the top 10 list for the US and EU respectively. Goes to show that people are still paying to be early adopters of Virtual Reality, particularly for the PS4 unit. PlayStation VR definitely didn't run out of consumers despite the shenanigans of retro gaming to compete with modern day consoles over the holidays.

And guess what who's on top of the lists? Who else? Batman himself! Batman: Arkham VR placed first on the EU top 10 and second on the US list. Job Simulator took the top spot for the US results as PlayStation VR worlds bowed to top 2 behind Batman on the EU charts.

Batman: Arkham VR is an canon of the Arkham series. Players get to be the Batman as they insert to the VR world of Arkham, filling on the caped crusader's shoes on his detective skills as he follows clues using his ridiculously awesome Bat gadgets to solve the mysteries behind the threats of his closest allies. It received a fair review of generally 7 to 8, not a masterpiece but everyone wants to be Batman so who cares about scores.

It is important to note, however, that the numbers used for the top charts are directly from the PlayStation store which means sales on physical shops are not weighed in yet. This didn't stop Sony from releasing an official report about their PS VR numbers though it was only released for less than a month. Nonetheless, Batman: Arkham VR would still be a bet when all the numbers come in.

To view the complete list of PlayStation VR's first top ten hits for US and EU, you can check it out on We Got This Covered's article. Awesome games are on the list like Until Dawn's spin-off, Here They Lie, Job Simulator, and other exciting VR titles.

Did you get your PlayStation VR already? Let us know your thoughts about it on the comments section below. In the meantime, keep gaming and keep it here at iTech Post. Here's a preview on Batman: Arkham VR:

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