How The PlayStation VR Reacts With Sunlight

Can't wait to get your hands on the PlayStation VR? Come Oct.13 (literally in a day or two), PlayStation VR is heading for the stores and it's highly possible gamers, techies, or some people who are into shiny, new stuff will be flocking game shops and some may have even pre-ordered PS VR at the comforts of their own homes. With how hype the PS VR is, it's also not uncommon to get bad reviews apart from the "it's amazing!" comments. And believe it or not, one of which is how the PlayStation VR reacts with sunlight.

PlayStation VR Hates Sunlight, You Say?

Before you roll your eyes out 360 degrees, in one PlayStation VR review worth checking out, it was recommended that you should set the PS VR unit in the dark areas of your house. Now, while you imagine having to take those light bulbs out, just take note that most VR demonstrations prior to release all have one thing in common - they all occur in virtual reality technology optimal environment. That means, dark rooms such as offices of developers or publishers or closed doors during expos. A creator or marketer will likely reveal their new product in the best environment in order to show it well, to keep the consumers in awe and will then say, "it's amazing!" For VR units, natural light is not the best environment.

What To Do With PlayStation VR If My House Is Sunshine All Over

If you are planning to purchase the PlayStation VR and you are a daylight gamer, best to rethink your house setup. Here's why:

Take a hint that the PlayStation VR headset has a noticeable amount of light bleed on its edges. While it may not stop you from enjoying Batman: Arkham VR, there will be a clear impact on the immersion. Your mind may ignore the yellow-orange hue but try playing it at night, you will notice the difference.

Secondly, with the PlayStation VR, even a tinge of indirect natural light will affect the screen calibration. The virtual reality world will pulse slightly once the action is not moving. It's like zooming in and out. However, once you're immersed in the VR game, you may not notice this problem, but still...

Additionally, the PlayStation VR orientation would struggle once you're in direct sunlight. So even if you are staring right into the camera, the screen orientation may reset. As what's mentioned in the review, "I had to sit sideways on my couch, because the effect of the sunlight on the camera was tripping out the orientation so bad." Last thing you want when playing in your room is getting injured due to straining your neck.

Then again, no need to blame PlayStation VR or Sony on this issue as this could just be its nature. Who knows, they might be on their way to create a PSVR headset that will prevent light from coming around its edges.

Here's a PlayStation VR unboxing and review that you can check out:

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