‘Days Of Our Lives' Cancelation Looms As Audience Share Continues To Drop

"Days of Our Lives" has been suffering from low audience share since the previous year in contrast to other daytime soaps like "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," and "General Hospital." As the noontime drama series just turned 51 years old last Nov. 8, could fans be seeing the final days of the soap now?

Cancelation Looms

The latest word in the rumor mill now suggests that "Days of Our Lives" fans could be seeing the last days of the NBC noontime soap following the continuous drop in ratings in the past weeks and even in in the previous year. "Days of Our Lives" is the only noontime soap across all networks with decrease in total viewers. According to a report from Soap Hub, the show was able to garner a total of 2,182,000 viewers on average last week, which is down by 27,000 viewers from the week before last week and 476,000 viewers from 2015.

Given this information at hand, the remaining options for NBC and executive producers now are either to cancel the show or spice things up. Either way, it could be hard for NBC to make a move right away because it has a stiff competition with CBS's "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," and ABC's "General Hospital."

Decrease In Viewership

Among all competitors in the same bracket, "Days of our Lives" is the sole soap to get decreasing number of viewers. In the past week, "The Young and the Restless" managed to maintain its spot on top with a total of 4,626,000 average viewers, up by 152,000 viewers from the week before last week. "The Bold and the Beautiful" remained on the second spot with a total of 3,717,000 viewers on average last week, up by 10,000 viewers from the week before last week. "General Hospital" is in third place with a total of 2,641,000 viewers on average.

NBC's Statement

Overall, NBC has not yet released a statement as to the fate of "Days of Our Lives." With over millions of viewers still, it is somehow impossible that NBC will drop the soap. Even so, it can be expected that producers will be working on it.

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