Eminem's New Album Will Include Another Tribute Song To His Best Friend 'Proof'?

Eminem and Proof had a relationship like no other.
Eminem and Proof had a relationship like no other. Photo : TheRedbullforever / YouTube

Eminem fans should be excited as the Rap God already confirmed that his new album is on the works. We all know that it is going to be star studded and will be on top of the charts for sure.

New Album And Reason Behind Why It Took Time To Create It

Probably the most anticipated album of any artist this year. Eminem has mastered the art of surprise; but by this time, fans were impatient to know more about his impending album. The Rap God himself stated when he was still called Slim Shady that making rap songs is not that easy and you should be highly motivated in doing so.With that said, the new album called "Success" is already on the horizon and Eminem is not highly motivated but challenged because others thought he is getting rusty.

Rap God's Latest Cameo With KXNG Crooked And Yelawolf

Eminem and Yelawolf have been friends for how many years already. The two rappers have mutual respect to each other and their music. It was reported before that Yelawolf look at Eminem as his hero and mentor. Eminem broke the spell that white man cannot rap. Not only he wa rapping but he was topping the charts. The latest involvement of Marshall is with KXNG Crooked. Crooked mentioned that Rap God is featured in one of his songs called "Welcome To Planet X".

Eminem Comments On Donald Trump Being President

Prior to Donald Trump winning the U.S. Presidential Election, Marshall Mathers III already made a record diss towards the business tycoon. The record dissed was called "Campaign Speech". The almost 8-minute audio recording tackled everything from irresponsible gun shooting, to exploitation, to Donald Trump running the office. Eminem didn't back down with his thoughts; and this is not new as legions of fans consider him as the voice of the voiceless.

Eminem Is Reported To Create Another Tribute Song Towards His Best friend Proof

A decade has passed since one of the greatest rappers in motown was gunned down. DeShaun Dupree Holton also known as "Proof" was The Rap Gods best friend. They were together since Eminem was still doing his battle on the underground scene. He and Eminem grew up as best friends and they didn't care if they don't belong on the same race. Proof was bigger than Eminem wayback the early 90's. Eminem said that proof is lyrically genius and has a wide range of vocabulary.

When Proof died, Eminem was visibly shaken and stunned. He was tight lipped for about a week and doesn't know how to react on his best friend's death. D12 band members tried to comfort each other as their glue to their band is already gone. Eminem did what Eminem does well. He created a tribute song for his pal called "You're Never Over". The lyrics was so magical and although it was rap, it was so emotional. That is not the only song Eminem created for Proof. He then followed it up with the song called "Difficult", he didn't release the song due to it is very personal and moving.

The Rap God haven't acknowledge yet on whether or not he will create another song for Proof but this time, let us check the amazing bond between these two brothers.

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