Eminem Is Again Making Headlines, Latest News And Update On The Rap God

The Rap God Is Making Headlines Once Again
The headlines includes their recent beef with 6 God, Drake. Photo : Crank Lucas / YouTube

After three weeks of headlining almost all music news, The Rap God is back at it again. The legendary rapper from Detroit was seen visiting a well known music studio. 

The multiple Grammy Award winner also posted on his Twitter page that he is back and advising his fans not to worry because he is currently making fresh tracks. Eminem is fond of surprises but the anticipation of him releasing his much awaited album is too long. However, as we all know, the so-called Rap God doesn't want to be dictated by anyone, after all regardless of how long he releases his album, it will still be a huge hit.

Eminem Allegations And Speculations

There are a lot of discussions looming around the controversial rap artist. He hasn't answered any allegations and speculations on anything yet. The only thing that we are guaranteed is he is about to unleash his new masterpiece. As stated on the previous reports, his new album will consist of 21 songs and it will be a star-studded one. Adele and Kid Cudi are the most notable names on the list. Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Skylar Grey and Snoop Dogg are still on the plan but wasn't included on the leaked track list.

Rap God's Latest Project With Yelawolf

Yelawolf has earned his respect from The Rap God himself. They've collaborated already in more than one occasion and as per insider, Eminem is the one spearheading the direction of the native Alabama rapper. Yelawolf's new album Trial By Fire was released a month ago and his carrier single Daylight is already climbing at the top of the charts. Marshall even helped Yelawolf reach million of views on his new video just by posting it on Facebook.

Concerts And Tours Are Already On The Works

Eminem reportedly was lacking motivation to create and release another album but that issue died down already. Understandably, every artist needs peace of mind and a conducive place to work with. He already considered moving to England to continue the process of creating his album. His label mates even mentioned that England will be the place where he will start the tour with his album titled ‘Success'.

Is Eminem Getting Rusty?

I don't know why this question keeps popping out of everybody's head on him being rusty. Yes, Eminem is already 44 years old but he ain't slowing down. He demonstrated it by releasing ‘Campaign Speech'. Where he dropped some devastating lines and rhymes. The epic seven minute video didn't only focus on the election but every other important aspect we are dealing with today. He hasn't lose a step or a beat at that, in fact, his catchy and artistic insults are still on fire.

The Rap God vs The 6 God

Last month, there are a lot of buzz created by Drake when he allegedly created a soundtrack diss towards Eminem. The two worked together in a song titled ‘Forever' where Drake was the one who started it and Eminem closed it. The 6 God didn't acknowledge the ‘diss' he created and if he did, Eminem will surely destroy him. Sure thing, Drake is one of the greatest talents we have today but Eminem is a legend.

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