Overwatch' Tips And Tricks: How To Do The Sombra Skydiving Glitch

By Allan Gonzales , Nov 13, 2016 04:43 PM EST

It was just last week when it was announced that Sombra is the next hero to battle in Blizzard's 'Overwatch' and it looks like avid players have already found a glitch in the game. Sombra can do skydiving through a glitch that the players have discovered. So far, she is the only hero able to do skydiving glitch.

Requirements to Do the Skydiving Glitch

First and foremost, you must be in the Public Test Realms as this is the only place Sombra is available. Her translocator will play a big part in this glitch and must be used only in Custom Games to be able to do this trick. This ability has no cooldown so you can do it as long as you want and take advantage of how much of the map you can see from up above.

How to Do the Trick

In the video posted by a YouTube user who discovered the trick, he instructs players to continuously press 'E' button to activate the translocator ability of Sombra. If done correctly, Sombra should be throwing the teleporting machine higher repeatedly as she teleports in the last one. This creates an endless cycle of teleportation and eventually reach air levels for the ultimate skydiving experience. There's just one problem that most fans that tried the trick have now, all their 'E' button seems to be already broken after doing it a couple of times.

This trick cannot be done in the main playlist because the teleporting machine has a cool down. So as mentioned it can only be done in Custom Maps where the cool down can be turned off. There is also one catch when doing this trick in the game, falling down in that much height will surely dive Sombra to her death. But it's a good trick overall and gives the players a different way to enjoy the game.

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