Users Are Signing To An Encrypted Email Provider After Trump´s Triumph

Swiss company Protonmail announced that weekly sing-ups had doubled after the Republican candidate Donald Trump get elected as the U.S. president on Tuesday since many Americans are fearing for their privacy after many situations involving the government and U.S. intelligence agencies with monitoring private information. This way, people might start to use end-to-end encrypted emails as never before.

The Encrypted Email Company Warned That Trump Might Take Control Of The NSA

According to Digital Trends, the company stated that its only mission was to provide the safest email services to the users, following the Swiss policy of neutrality and not taking any kind of position of the new president. However, it also explained that Trump could take control of the National Security Agency (NSA), claiming that this might represent a huge threat for people´s privacy since the president will also count with the GOP´s control of Congress.

This company has been known for being one of the largest end-to-end encrypted email providers in the world, which was targeted by DDoS cyber strike last year, which represented a very delicate situation for its users. The most particular detail about Protonmail is that its costs of service are covered by crowdfunding and donations from foundations, which makes the company more independent of private interests.

Liberal and Conservatives Are Using Protomail

According to The Verge, the high number of new sign-ups could have started because ad-supported companies like Facebook and Google have scaled back their data collection, considering the threat posed by Trump. The encrypted email provider has previously said that privacy is an important right that needs to be protected and offered to every single person, instead of being only a luxury for liberals or conservatives.

In fact, the company has confessed that even when left-wing users are the majority of the new sign.-ups, Protonmail has always provided its service for people of any different political stance. Although it is not known if the incoming president would actually control the NSA, it is fact that we´re living during times where privacy has become a miracle.

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