Dave Chappelle Made A Rare Appearance In 'SNL' And He Brought The House Down

Dave Chappelle Spoofs Walking Dead On SNL
Dave Chappelle Spoofs Walking Dead On SNL Photo : Wochit Entertainment / YouTube

Dave Chappelle is arguably the greatest stand up comedian of all time. He singlehandedly broke some of the records that still stands to this day. Last night, he made a rare appearance on Saturday Night Live and he nailed it.

Long Live Dave Chappelle - The Comedian Who Walked Away From $55 Million

Everybody will remember Dave Chappelle as the comedian who walked out of $55 million. This will be forever linked to his name whether he like it or not. Dave Chappelle was making history when he co-produced the historic comedy sketch series called "Chappelle Show". The show is all about making fun and Dave just did it. The show was on its Season 3 when the turmoil happened between him and the other staff. Dave was offered an outstanding amount of $55 million but chooses to walk away as he value his values more than the money being offered.

Chappelle Show Was Iconic Programming Unparalleled To This Day

I wish some of the younger generations were able to watch the comedic sketch of Chappelle show. I understand that it is available on streaming sites like YouTube, but the anticipation to wait week after week to watch the latest episode is irreplaceable. There are no boundaries when it comes to Dave Chappelle and his creative mind. He unleashed a new style of programming that until this day, they are still trying to copy.

There are a lot of characters that were introduced on that show and almost 90% of them are iconic. Who would forget this line, I'm Rick James b****, when he tried to mimic the superfreak himself. The line and the way he portrayed it was so amazing fans were craving to make a separate show from it. How about when he characterized Prince? Prince thought it was so funny he created an album where Dave Chappelle was the cover as Prince.

Dave Chappelle's Killing Them Softly

The greatest work of Dave Chappelle by far. This one-hour comedy stand up special from HBO destroyed records and right now it still sits on top of the list as the best comedic concert ever. Dave Chappelle talked about almost everything on the historic concert and he was slaying it. Dave received numerous standing ovation during his performance and the fans cannot contain it. When the shows DVD copy was released, it sold $1 million copies in an instant. We all know that he was good but we didn't know that he can be that great.

Dave Chappelle On SNL

Finally, we were able to see Dave Chappelle conquer television again. He didn't age a bit and was still on fire. His punchlines are so precise and made us think, why is he not getting another show. Well, there are a lot of offers made to Dave already but he turned them down. According to Dave, he just want to play where he started, maybe in a hall or coliseum. Dave's appearance in SNL is very refreshing. All of our questions were asked on his cameo. He is still a bad man on the mic and he will get you if he wants to.

"Dave Chappelle is the baddest person to touch the microphone that is alive right now, I will say it, I will stand by it. Chappelle is just different man, like, he cannot be copied, you cannot steal everything that Chappelle does. His style is like a UFC fighter that crawls on the ground and hits you on top of your head and you don't know where it's coming", said Kevin Hart on Hot 97.

"Dave is a beast! The only man that puts a little fear in my heart," Chris Rock added.

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