Here's How Nintendo Will Tear The Market Apart

Nintendo used to be the leader in the game industry with its consoles and games. However, after a series of disappointments, Nintendo seemed to lag behind its competition and looked like it would stay there. But the game company that brought us the Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and the Super NES is back on its feet again and ready to eat up Microsoft and Sony.

First of all, Nintendo has decided to make that big leap when it introduced the Nintendo Switch. Known for its innovation, the switch is like the company's declaration that it cannot win the console war but it is creating a new battleground. That new battleground is found midway in mobile and console.

It can be remembered that Nintendo has also announced that it will focus on mobile gaming as well. When it enters this arena, its biggest competitor will be the iPad. However, the Nintendo Switch is neither a tablet nor a console (in the traditional sense). Thus, it is creating a new market all on its own.

Where once there were only two markets - mobile and console - now there are three markets. The first market (mobile) will have a number of competitions. The second market (console) will have Sony and Microsoft fighting each other. The third market? Nintendo is there alone.

When all these three big companies release their new consoles, people have the choice to go traditional : PS4 or Xbox, or something innovative: Nintendo Switch. Sony and Xbox share the profit while Nintendo Switch gets to take all the bacon home.

The biggest question is, will Nintendo be successful in that new battleground? Experts say it will be considering the past successes it had. However, that remains to be seen and we will just be more than happy to see Nintendo dominate again.

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