Apple Officially Confirms Kaby Lake Processors For 'iMac 2016'; Developments On 5K Display Ongoing

Despite the Apple iMac not being released nor announced during Apple's big October 27 event, fans are still hopeful that the Cupertino-based tech company will be announcing the device relatively soon. Rumors and speculations regarding the iMac 2017 are still continuing to spread the Internet world. Recent reports regarding the device claim that the Kaby Lake processor will be one of the newest features that will be incorporated into it.

Reasons for the delay

According to some recent reports, one of the main reasons why the iMac 2017 is delayed is because of the Kaby Lake processor. Several Fans were also expecting that the MacBook Pro 2016 would also incorporate the latest Kaby Lake processor, but instead, it got the older SkyLake chipset. It seems like Apple is currently waiting for the official release of the said processor so they can finally incorporate it on their future iMac versions. Reports have also claimed that Apple is eyeing an early January release next year for the iMac 2017. Some rumors also say that Apple is delaying the iMac launch on purpose because it is not yet ready for mass production. Overall, delaying the launch of iMac 2017, as well as waiting for the Kaby Lake chipsets is a good move by Apple.

The Surface Studio has been wowing people

Right now, the tech industry and its market just got a lot more competitive with a lot of new arrivals, which is why Apple needs to step up its game in order to catch up. Right now, Microsoft's Surface Studio is way ahead of the current iMac, which features support for the Surface Pen and a new innovative tool which they call the Surface Dial. Hopefully, the upcoming iMac 2017 would surpass these impressive features.

Apple has been held back by Microsoft

Apple is always known to adjust and incorporate certain impressively new features to in order to attract people into liking their product. The iMac has always been a known product of productivity and creativity, but with the introduction of the Surface Studio, Apple has been thrown a bit back in the race to the top. Let's just hope that the iMac 2017 will also come with a lot of surprising features that will really wow people.

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