Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Fix Update: Ubisoft Unlikely to Patch Multiplayer Issue By Launch Date?

By Benjie Batanes , Nov 15, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer mode has been shut down due to problems with the seamless feature. Ubisoft promised to issue a patch but it's highly unlikely that the multiplayer mode is going to be ready by launch time.

Ubisoft Explanation For Seamless Multiplayer Glitch

Watch Dogs 2 developer Ubisoft posted an official statement stating that the seamless multiplayer feature is creating lag and crashes during gameplay. A patch has already been issued but it still needs to get the approval of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox before it can be released in their respective networks.

The single player and co-op mode are still available according to Ubisoft. However, the Bounty Hunter mode and other features that can invite outside players to the current match have been disabled and will remain so until it's updated.

Ubisoft Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Dilemma

The seamless multiplayer problem could not come at a worse time. The developer is set to officially launch Watch Dogs 2 on Nov. 15. However, a few copies have been distributed in advance in order for players and reviewers to get a feel of the game.

Ubisoft has even imposed a game review embargo that was recently lifted. The embargo means that reviewers are not allowed to give their appraisal of the game until the time restriction is lifted. Ironically, most of the reviewers are withholding their assessment of the game until the seamless multiplayer issue is fixed.

What To Expect From Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 will have three DLCs coming soon. The first additional content pack will be available on Dec. 13 but only to the PS4. Xbox One owners will get the same DLC 30 days after said date due to a one month exclusivity deal with Sony.

The first DLC is titled T-Bone Content Bundle and will include Marcus' new clothes and a school bus that can flip cars. There will also be a Mayhem co-op mode that will increase the difficulty setting of the game's missions.

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