'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 67 Spoilers: Black Goku and Zamasu Finally Defeated; Goku Summons Omni-King

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 67 is expected to be one of the most action-packed episodes of the series. Fighting an immortal Zamazu and Black Goku combined is an almost impossible battle to win. However, the episode is titled "A Visit from the Omni - King! Bye - Bye Zamasu!" which could only mean that they have found a way to get Omni - King to pay them a visit and assist them in stopping their enemies.

The combination of the two evil villains created a more monstrous being that's made it very difficult for Goku and Vegeta to keep up with. They barely survive each hit but as always, they have never given up hope and fights until the end.

And just when everything has failed, the two Super Saiyan finally combined their power which created Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue. Rumors state that although Vegetto's power is much stronger than Goku and Vegetta, they will still have a hard time battling Zamasu and Black Goku. It can be remembered that the two villains have already mastered their art so that could be their advantage.

The arrival of the Omni-King also known as Zen-chan is a definite game changer. Based on the title, it looks like he is taking Goku's side and have something to do with the departure of Zamasu. There is no certainty though what could have happened to Black Goku. He could have left with Zamasu or have been restrained in some way on Earth.

Many are speculating that it was Goku who got Omni-King to visit him and help them out. He may have realized he doesn't really have any other choice so he pressed the communication device button that led Zen-chan to go quickly where Goku is. As everyone knows, Goku was told to only press the button when he is in need of help.

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