Apple Is Working On Augmented Reality Glasses

By Sid Suvarna , Nov 15, 2016 08:49 AM EST

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses is going to be the next big thing from Apple, says a new report. The fruit company is venturing into a new emerging market by working on AR glasses. After the average success of the Apple Watch, the company now wants to try something new.

The company is not worried about the recent failure of the Google Glass, a product that did not live up to its hype. CEO Tim Cook believes that AR is the future, but still needs a lot of work and is going to take a lot of time to perfect.

Apple's Augmented Reality Glasses

The Apple-designed AR glasses will connect to the iPhone and display relevant information in the users' field of view. Bloomberg reported that such a product will most likely be announced in 2018 at the earliest. There are several challenges in making wearable AR glasses that do not look weird and keeps others privacy in mind.

Apple has been speaking to several suppliers regarding the glasses project and has even ordered a near-eye display from a supplier. The company is certainly interested, and has made several AR related acquisitions in the past. According to iDownloadBlog, Apple is under pressure to develop a new breakthrough product since sales of iPhone and iPad have declined since last year.

Apple's Confidence In Augmented Reality Technology

Apple is very sure about AR being the future of wearable devices, case in point Snapchat's recently announced version of wearable glasses called Spectacles. With that in mind, the technology certainly still needs a lot of work to do. For example, hardware components will have to be really small and battery life has to be good. Most smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, can last a day or two on a single charge, which is not the case with the recent AR glasses.

Is Augmented Reality Glasses The Future?

It certainly looks so, because VR technology is not something users would like to wear and walk around. Whereas with augmented reality, users can simply wear the glass and continue doing their work.

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