Cancelled Moonraker Nokia Smartwatch Appears On Video

By Sid Suvarna , Nov 15, 2016 10:52 AM EST

A new video recently surfaced online that showcased the cancelled Nokia Smartwatch called Moonraker. The video shows the interface of the watch, menus, its design and the charging dock. If Nokia had gone ahead with this prototype, it would have probably been a very good smartwatch.

Rumors about Nokia developing a smartwatch first appeared online in later 2013. However, due to the Microsoft take-over, the watch was scrapped. Microsoft did not believe that such a product would do well, especially when its Lumia range of smartphones was not doing well either.

The Nokia Smartwatch: Moonraker

Code-named as Moonraker, the smartwatch features a rectangular design, a charging port at the back and a swipe-based interface. There have been leaked photos of the wearable before, but this is the first time it has appeared on video.


As far as the design goes, it looks similar to several other square or rectangular smartwatches. There is also a button below the display to go back to the main screen. According to The Verge, the video provides a "fascinating look at what could have been."

Software And Interface

The functions of the smartwatch shown in the video are basic and nothing futuristic, as reported by TechRadar. That is because this Nokia smartwatch was developed three years ago. If it were released three years ago, this would have been a competitive product.

The interface is swipe-based, which means the user can swipe on the touchscreen to reveal menus, notifications and other actions. There are a few basic apps such as Phone, Email, Facebook, Messages, Music and others.

The watch also features a step counter, as shown in the video, but that is about it. It did not look like the watch had any other fitness features and that is probably why it was scrapped. Nokia is now making a return, so there is a chance that the company might release a smartwatch in the future. Watch the full video below to learn more about the cancelled Nokia Moonraker smartwatch.

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