Nokia’s Ozo 360 Camera Will Help Sony Pictures Create Virtual Reality Content

By Victor Thomson , Nov 15, 2016 05:59 AM EST

Sony Pictures has announced that it will use Nokia's Ozo 360-degree camera to create content in virtual reality.

Nokia Ozo 360 Camera 

Engadget reports that Sony is turning to Nokia for VR help, despite its own camera expertise. Nokia's Ozo 360-degree 3D is a virtual reality camera that comes with an impressive price tag of $60,000. Now, the Finnish company will provide its Ozo cameras as well as its expertise to Sony Pictures to support its VR content creation efforts.

According to Venture Beat, Sony Pictures will use both Nokia's hardware and software tools to create virtual reality content. Nokia's Ozo camera will be used by Sony Pictures under the partnership to capture, create, edit and distribute VR content. The Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's Privilege Plus app on Google Play will integrate the Ozo Player SDK.

Nokia's Collaboration With Sony Pictures

Paul Melin, vice president of digital media at Nokia Technologies said in a statement that the emerging medium of virtual reality is rapidly changing the way we communicate, bringing a deeper immersion and a better connection to how we experience content. Nokia in partnership with Sony Pictures will apply its technology in order to create 3D 360 live VR broadcast and other outstanding user experiences only possible with Ozo.

Nokia will provide equipment and VR technology to Sony Pictures in order to support the creation of special VR content. Sony Pictures will be able to also leverage Ozo Live to immerse fans to Sony Pictures events. Through special audio playback technologies and 3D 360 degree video, Ozo Live allows fully immersive live experiences.

The Ozo Player software development kit (SDK) caters to professionals that develop various VR apps and experiences. The SDK works on any major platform and supports the creation of immersive apps with the highest quality playback of Ozo content. It provides support for standard audio and VR video formats, while also including 360 spatial audio.

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