Aliens Before Humans: UFOs Conquered Earth Before Humans Ever Did?

Recent reports about UFO sightings over the weekend have increased the speculations that aliens might have started to invade the earth with a number of associated disasters happening around at the same time. Does it mean that alien invasion is at hand?

Evidence Of Alien Life Finally Revealed

In one of his blogs, Scott C. Waring stated that he suspects that the recent reports about UFO sightings in Lima, Peru is actually a message from Mars and its occupants. According to Parent Herald, Peru has been a well known dwelling place for a number of UFO sightings. That's probably because there are a lot of ancient sites in Peru such as the famous Machu Picchu citadel in Mt. Andes. Just recently, Waring is also known to have posted a video of a so-called burning UFO.

Some conspiracy theorists have in fact enumerated the number of evidences that aims to somehow prove the existence of an extraterrestrial life form on our planet earth. Enthusiasts claim that humans' urge to study aliens in Mars, Mercury and the whole of universe might be the reason the Earth is witnessing UFO sightings. A UFO sighting in Italy named as "flying saucer" has also been blamed by some for the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Central Italy on Nov. 4.

Alien Conspiracy Theories Cannot Be Ignored At This Point

Furthermore, as reported in the UFO International Project, the existence of alien life could also be traced in Japanese creation myths and stories. Alien enthusiasts claim that it seemingly appears that the important answer as to why only humans have had such an abrupt evolution from all the species on Earth, could possibly be answered by the mere number of ancient texts that speak of how life was created on Planet Earth.

Indeed, conspiracy theorists suggests that the growing number of evidences about alien life forms coming to our planet can no longer be ignored. Thus, it is just but important for the free world to keep an open mind.

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