Fact Or Fiction: UFO May Have Followed Donald Trump In The Course Of His Campaign

In one of his appearances during the election campaign period, president-elect Donald Trump's chopper was found to have been followed by an allegedly spotted UFO. Some citizens reportedly said to have been startled after seeing some sort of flying object that follows Donald Trump's helicopter on his way to Iowa.

UFO Trailing Close Donal Trump's Chopper?

The unnamed witness captured a blob-like object hovering closely behind Trump's chopper as it flies near a group of children over the Iowa state fair. The witness was then said to have reported the incident to a U.S. National UFO database. The witness has claimed that Trump was at the state fair when he noticed a strange flying object was following him as he had a bunch of kids carried on his chopper for the said event.

As per Headlines and Global News (HNGN), the witness claimed that it was not his intentions to capture anything but Trump's helicopter as it was seen to be flying rapidly overhead. At first, as he took some pictures from his phone he thought that it was something usual since he was taking a lot of it continuously, so he did not mind it. However, as he was already sitting on a shady place that was when he decided to check on his phone to look at the photos he took. To his surprise, he noticed a startling object that was following Donald Trump's helicopter.

Iowa Mutual UFO Network Investigates UFO Sighting 

Furthermore, Express has revealed that the Iowa Mutual UFO Network; which is known for recording sightings about extraterrestrial life forms is allegedly on the move of investigating the said incident. In one of his statements, MUFON spokesman Roger Marsh said that they believe that the strange looking object in the picture could be anything like a second helicopter or a bird as they cannot conclude right away. Marsh said that it requires a thorough photo analysis to be able to determine what the object really is.

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