'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 68, 69 Spoilers: Vegeta Jealous Of Trunks; Father And Son Engage In A Bloody Fight?

“Dragon Ball Super” intensifies with powerful actions as its major characters unleash their strengths and identities. The father and son tandem in Vegeta and Trunks are highly speculated to fight each other.

A source noted that in the forthcoming episodes 68 and 69, Vegeta is likely to return on his dirty old tricks. His family will be deeply affected by his evil ways, especially Trunks. His alleged jealousy on his son stemmed when the latter played a crucial role in saving the world. Moreover, Vegeta might hinder Trunk’s pursuit of greatness on the battles that await them. He might take the risk of engaging a clash between them.

Another leaked information that made the rounds on the web recently is a new title called "Farewell Trunks." It is speculated to reveal Trunks’ defeat or downfall in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 68 or 69. The spoiler did not provide the release dates and synopses of both chapters but from the title itself, a thrilling turn of events surely await the fans of the manga.

Is Trunks’ demise caused by Vegeta’s desire of outmatching him? Is Vegeta insane to hurt his very own son? How could he manage to see the suffering of his son while in pain?

To recall, a report predicted that in “DBS” episode 63 called “I will not ever let you harm the Saiyan pride'' (Vegeta fights with all his strength), Vegeta sacrificed himself to save Trunks from the destructible attack of Black.

Black and Zamasu’s fusion was keenly analyzed in reference to their possible transformation into a Super Saiyan Blue. The analysis revealed that Black has a chance of reaching the Super Saiyan Blue phase considering he initially modified into Super Saiyan Rose. However, since Black and Zamasu are the same and are trapped in Goku’s body, they will not be able to fully reach the Super Saiyan Blue level as Zamasu is known for his horrible deeds. A warrior needs to have a pure heart with good intentions to achieve the Super Saiyan God status. Apparently, Goku is the only character who nabbed the Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

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