Titanfall 2 Quick Review: 5 Things That Respawn Can Improve In The Game

Titanfall 2 is an enjoyable game but some players believe that it could still be improved. Here are five things that Respawn Entertainment can add or change in Titanfall 2.

Limit Map Hack Visibility To Single Player

In Titanfall 2, map hack allows players to track their opponents. The map hack also shows enemies hiding in walls but this information is not limited to you but shared by your team mates as well. Problem is element of surprise is completely loss and matches may often end up in stalemate. For example, enemy team can run continuous map hacks which prevent your team from flanking them since all of them know your location. Enemy team may also pinpoint your team's spawn point making it easier for them to kill you. Limiting map hack visibility to the one using it seems a rational idea.

Some of the Game's Boost Need To Be Adjusted

Phase Rewind allows Titanfall 2 players to turn back clock for a few seconds. However, some players are suggesting to change the boost to Phase Shift instead since in theory, it could be used twice and has a lower cool down cost.

More Vertical Map Design

Titanfall veterans will remember the maps of the previous installment. Titanfall 2 maps designs are generally good but it does not feature as much vertical grounds as the first Titanfall.

NorthStar Is Broken?

NorthStar seems a cool Titan comparable to a "flying sniper". It's very vulnerable however, when it unleashes its ultimate attack and needs to be constantly in the air in order to attack its enemies. Its railgun does not really pack a DPS punch that would compensate for the NorthStar's light armor and absence of shield. Some players suggest additional health and increased mobility both for its VTOL and walking mode will go a long way to make it a top contender in the Titanfall 2.

More PVE Options

Titanfall 2 PVE options are among the best. It is also horribly short according to a number of players. There are suggestions that Respawn should include score based attack modes and co-op modes to encourage players to stay in the game for a long time.

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