Titanfall 2 Mech Guide: How To Pick Right Titan That Fits Your Style

Titanfall 2 has six new mech available, each with its own weapon and abilities. Players can choose any of these Titans based on their fighting style or preference.

Ion Titan

The Ion is a decent mech for most Titanfall 2 players. Its Splitter Rifle offers single-shot and triple-shot mode. The second weapon is the Laser Shot that takes care of enemies from a distance. Abilities include the Vortex Shield that takes incoming projectiles and spits them out again. Ion can also layout Tripwire mines to soften the enemy. Its Laser Core ability can wipe out any Titan it meets.

 Legion Titan

The Legion in Titanfall 2 is noted for its heavy armor and profligate firepower. Its Predator Cannon is a minigun that takes a while to fire. But its damage can be devastating. Its Power Shot Ability can either knock down opponents in short range or snipe at enemies from afar. The Legion can protect itself with a Gun Shield. It Smart Core ability enables it Predator Cannon to lock in a specific targer.

Northstar Titan

Northstar is basically a Sniper that has the ability to fly courtesy of its VTOL. Her Railgun is an excellent weapon for long range enemies. The Cluster Missiles can be used for opponents that are getting too close. But its most annoying ability is the Tether Trap. Any Titan caught by this trap instantly becomes a sitting duck for the Northstar.

Ronin Titan

The Ronin is a deadly Titan in close quarter combats although it has the weakest armor among all the mechs. Its Main Weapon is a Leadwall Shotgun. Its second weapon of course, is the Sword that can be used for Arc Wave offense or Sword Block defense. Phase Dash can be used to sneak up an enemy and peppered with Leadwall Shotgun.

Scorch Titan

 Its Grenade Launcher is a bit slow but deals horrible damages ground troops. Its Thermal Shield and Incendiary Trap can deal some heavy damages to both Titans and grunts. Its thick enables it to withstand its own Flame Core's thermal shockwave.

Tone Titan

The Tone is Titanfall 2 mech that can defend itself in most situations. Combining its Semi-auto Cannon with Tracking Rockets can destroy any Titan within its range. Tone Pilots however, would need to use Sonar Lock to make the Tracking Rockets effective. The particle shield is a good cover against enemy projectiles. The Salvo Core is simply a massive cloud of missiles that is quite effective in dispatching enemy Titans.

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