Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Divorce: Actress Cheated With Colin Farell; Evidence Of Affair Found?

By Monica Macalinao , Nov 16, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Nicole Kidman and long-time hubby Keith Urban are said to have been having some trouble in paradise. Recent news is saying that the power couple is divorcing and that the cause of their split is Colin Farell.

Rumor has it that actress Nicole Kidman has fallen madly in love with her "The Beguiled" co-star Colin Farell. The two are said to have already been dating for over a few months and that her relationship with Keith Urban has long been over. Even more, she is just waiting for the Oscars to be over before she announces her divorce with the singer.

The speculation about her divorce with Keith Urban and a possible affair with Colin Farell has continuously hounded Nicole Kidman. It has been ten years since the two had been married and claims and rumors about the couple are not a new thing. Time and time again, these rumors get debunked and no evidence can be found.

According to a report by Morning News USA, this new rumor about Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Colin Farell is not true. The serious allegations had been pointed out to be a "ridiculous claim." Furthermore, the report also highlights the lack of evidence and sources to prove that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is divorcing and that she and Colin Farell has been dating in secret.

Keith Urban himself mentioned in an interview that he and his wife Nicole Kidman is okay. He said, "People make up the most insane crap, and we just kind of roll with it." He also added that he calls his wife every night during his tour.

Colin Farell has not been linked to any woman since his split with his "Ondine" co-star Alicja Bachleda-Curus back in 2010. He has two kids and was also reported to not be interested in being involved with a married woman.

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