The Danger With Cheap Android Phones According To Hackers

By Cameron , Nov 16, 2016 07:30 PM EST

Every now and then, we hear news about hackers hacking tech companies and other devices. But did you know that inexpensive phones are very easy to hack? Not only they are easy to hack, but some are also programmed to be an accomplice with the hackers.

The Allure Of Inexpensive High-End Phones

With so many phones coming out into the scene every month, it is hard to buy those $400-$600 phones. For some people, it goes like this, "Why buy those expensive phones when you can buy $50-$200 phones that are capable to compete with those high-end phones?" This logic seems very reasonable, but there is a dark truth behind it.

The Danger With Inexpensive Phones

Despite not wanting to waste money, but desperately trying to "keep up" with the trend, there is a report that inexpensive phones are giving up your personal information. In a written article at USA Today, the firm, Kryptowire conducted an investigation and found out that tens of thousands of inexpensive and pre-paid phones are transmitting information including full body text messages, contact lists, and call history with full telephone numbers along with security details over secured web protocols to a server located in Shanghai.

The text messages were being transmitted back to the server located in China every 72 hours. Personal information was transmitted every 24 hours. Even if China denies these allegations, we can imagine what damage it can do if all the gathered information was used against other countries or people.

Is It Safe To Buy Phone Made By Chinese Companies?

Though China is known for producing products with decent prices and making replicas, it is not fair to assume all Chinese phone manufacturers are hackers. In fact, Huawei, Lenovo, and Alcatel are some of the most well-known and highly trusted brands that are being sold throughout Europe and the U.S. for a pretty long time - according to Phone Arena. Just be sure to stay away from those no-name phones or not really well-known phones.

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