'New Girl' Season 6 Returns After Weeks Of Hiatus; Jess Finally Moves On From Nick And Starts Dating Again?

"New Girl" has recently returned for its episode six after having been on hiatus for quite a while, featuring Jess trying to date again as encouraged by Schmidt. This and more on the recent episode of "New Girl" season six.

Recent Episode Of "New Girl" Season 6 Features Jess Trying To Date Again After Reportedly Not Being Hung Up On Nick Anymore

It has been a while since "New Girl" season six aired; which made the fans fear that the series may be up for cancellation. There have been reports that the ratings of the show has gone down gradually during the recent season. However, there are also reports claiming that Fox will not be cancelling the show anytime soon, based on their contract with Netflix upon airing the show. Thus, the fans need not to fear for a renewal of the show for season seven is still highly possible.

As a recap, "New Girl" season six recent episode features Schmidt trying to convince Jess to go out with her workout buddy, since she said she is ready to start dating again. However, when he tries to kiss her, she dodges him off. They apologize to each other the next day, and they try to kiss again. However, things don't go well as they both get injured every time they try to kiss. This then shows how Jess's feeling of being ready to date again is all in her head.

Nick Helps Winston Lose His Confidence To Avoid Cheating On His Girlfriend

In the episode, Nick sees Cece being good in handling or managing models, since she met an aspiring model whom she helped in getting into an agency. Nick then tries to convince Cece to venture in such field. Winston on the other hand is having trouble with being attractive to the ladies ever since he got a girlfriend, so he tries to lower down his confidence to avoid being able to cheat on her. Nick then helps by telling him an embarrassing story so he loses his confidence again and not be able to attract ladies anymore.

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