GTA 6 Easter Eggs Found In GTA 5 Point To North Yankton, Vice City

By Alvin Elfwine , Nov 17, 2016 04:30 AM EST

GTA 6 has long been rumored to arrive, though no exact date as to when. Heck, Rockstar Games has even remained mum since then. However, some Easter eggs were found in the latest installment titled GTA 5. And what's interesting? These clues seem to point at the supposed release and details of the new game.

According to International Business Times, GTA 6 rumors have once again surfaced following a discovery from Sernandoe. The latter is a known YouTuber, with topics mostly pertaining to the Grand Theft Auto series. The player reportedly found Easter eggs referring to the supposed release information of the sixth installment.

As per the YouTuber, Rockstar has been secretly hiding details about the development of GTA 6. These were all hidden in GTA 5's game files. Heck, even the forthcoming title's game settings were included. As vague as they appear, they're worth interesting to look at.

Sernandoe stated that most, if not all, of these Easter eggs have something to do with GTA 6. That, in one way or another, the studio must have placed them for the community to discover. Of course, one can't directly confirm all of these; however, they can't also be simply denied.

What makes these GTA 6 claims even interesting? Well, it's the fact that Rockstar did the same thing with GTA 5 in the past. Back in 2008, the video game company just released the fourth installment in the franchise called GTA 4. Sernandoe pointed out that by that time, there were around 3 Easter eggs found -- all of which leads to the fifth title. The most notable one is the flying billboard with a message that says "Visit Los Santos from $299 (rtn), fly U6 -- Live a little, fly with US." And viola, players were indeed introduced to Los Santos in the recent game.

Going back to the GTA 6 Easter eggs, one can be found by visiting Michael's house in GTA 5. Here, players will notice two airplane tickets placed on top of a table. Each of them has the phrase "fly U6." It's worth noting that in the current game, Michael goes to North Yankton so as to stop Trevor. However, he doesn't utilize the tickets to return.

By connecting the dots, it's safe to say that GTA 6 might take place in North Yankton. Or perhaps, Rockstar will go as far as the icy cold regions of the arctic. But hey, the Easter eggs surprise doesn't stop there. By traveling to Vespucci beach in GTA 5, one will discover a towel on the sand that says "I Love VC." This could refer to Vice City, indicating that the upcoming game will also introduce the location. Or, if it makes sense, the new title will instead be a remake of GTA: Vice City.

To check all the GTA 6 Easter eggs discussed by Sernandoe, check the embedded video below! Let us know what you think by then at the comment section below! Happy hunting.

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