Eve Online Ascension Update: Free-To-Play Expansion Up; Can Novices Join Game?

Eve Online is a space exploration sim that recently rolled out its Ascension update. The game is regarded as one of the best in its category but it's also regarded as quite complicated by many gamers.

Eve Online Wants More Players

Eve Online developer CCP Games has launched the Ascension update in a bid to attract more players. The latest expansion features a free-to-play option for first timers and veteran players who want to return but no longer want to pay the monthly subscription.

Alpha And Omega Players

Eve Online: Ascension update will divide players into Alphas and Omegas, according to the official Eve Online site. Players who are classified as Alpha Clone States are non-subscribers playing the game for free. Former game subscribers who no longer want to pay the monthly fee will be demoted to Alpha state as well. However, all players in this group will be unable to learn or use skills that are reserved for Omega State players. It will also take them longer to "learn" the available skills and allowed only a few spaceships choices. The Omega players are those that pay a monthly subscription fee of $15. Their advantage over the Alpha is their exclusive access to a much wider range of spaceships and skills.

Inception - Eve Online Tutorial

CCP has also made it easy for novices to join EVE Online through the "Inception" tutorial mode. The developer claimed that the tutorial will help new players on how to pilot and explore New Eden space environment. Novice will be guided by a storyline filled with various characters and an easier UI.

Eve Online Fun But Complicated

Eve Online is game that features massive online space battles and fantastic heists. However pulling such feats requires a great deal of planning and patience. Hopefully, Eve Online: Ascension will increase the game's player base even if many of the newcomers are playing for free.

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