Eve Online News: How To Join And Play For Free With Ascension Update

Eve Online will have a new update coming up on Nov. 15. Ascension will include a free to play feature to those interested in testing out the game.

What Is Eve Online?

Eve Online is a sci-fi game where players explore the galaxy but it's a complicated game that requires a lot of hours of play just to get hang of it. But the spaceship building simulation game offers a lot of variety and its player base number in the thousands since its launch more than a decade ago (This is probably what No Man's Sky  developers have in mind).

Ascension Update Bring Free To Play Feature

Eve Online players normally pay $15 per month in order to join and play in the game. But the game developer is planning to entice non-subscribers to play for free once the game is updated by Ascension. There is no time limit for the free plays which is good news for gamers interested in playing Eve Online but unwilling to shell out the monthly fee.

Eve Online Is Free To Play But...

The Ascension update will enable people to play for free but there are some limitations to it. Those playing for free will be introduced as "clones" in the game. They are place in an "Alpha State" in the game which means that their characters will only have limited abilities and new abilities longer to master. Even the selections of space ships are limited for clones. This is a great way to get acquainted with game and learn the intricacies of Eve Online. A video clip explaining the mechanics of the Ascension update could be seen here.

Be A Subscriber Without Paying Real World Cash

Players who want to subscribe to Eve Online will have their characters promoted to "Omega State". Fortunately, there is still a way to subscribe to the game without parting your hard earned cash. CCP Games allow players to pay their monthly fee using in-game currency. Eve Online has a trading system in which in-game currency can be traded with in-game time.

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