Tekken 7 Nintendo Switch Update: Will Bandai Namco Allow Tekken 7 in Upcoming Nintendo Platform?

Bandai Namco is seen as one of the potential game title providers for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. There have been speculations that Tekken 7 might be included in the Switch game lineup.

Tekken 7 On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch reveal showed just how versatile it is. The video preview also showed various games such as Skyrim being played both on its console and mobile platform. This has led to speculations among Tekken 7 fans that their favorite game may soon find its way to the Switch.

Bandai Namco Stance On Nintendo Switch

Currently, Bandai Namco has not yet made an official commitment if any of its games will be included as a Nintendo Switch game title. However, IGN believes that it's possible that the Japanese game publisher will do so. Aside from Tekken7, other games from Bandai Namco include the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series, One Piece, Necropolis and Tales of Berseria. Other Namco games such as Hero Academia are already featured in the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console and mobile game platform. It's powered by NVIDIA's customized Tegra chip. Nintendo has revealed little about the upcoming hardware apart from the video reveal. But information has been trickling over the past few weeks albeit unofficially. Rumors about its price revealed that a basic Nintendo Switch package may cost around $250 while a bundled game unit will cost around a little over $300.

Recently, a video presenter boasted of getting hands on a Nintendo Switch. He showed a handheld device and joy controller that looks like the Switch. However, he did not turn it on to play any game with it. This led to suspicion that he is merely waving a 3D copy of the real thing. The controversial video was eventually taken down but copies are still available online. Nintendo promised to disclose more Switch information but only on Jan. 2017. The Nintendo Switch will start coming out on March 2017.

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