DJI Inspire 2's Dual Camera Setup Is Perfect For Professional Filmmakers

DJI recently released a couple of new camera drones to add to its impressive stable.

One of the new drones is the Phantom 4 Pro which is being groomed as the most crashproof drone ever made. The other is the inspire 2.

The Inspire 2 is DJI's way of "bridging the gap between hobbyists and Hollywood", as mentioned in an article by The Verge. The company is targeting professional filmmakers with this new drone.

While DJI's previous models were impressive and shot great videos, none of them offered Hollywood quality ones. DJI is set to change all that with the second coming of the Inspire camera drone.

Features and Specifications

The Inspire 2 is made of magnesium alloy so it is tougher than the first one. The new material improves the body without sacrificing lightness. Because of this, the Inspire 2 can still travel up to 67 miles per hour.

The Inspire 2 now has two cameras. It is the first drone from the company to have a dual-camera system that provides 5.2K videos and 16-bit raw images.

This new feature allows better footages that have impressed some professional moviemakers who have already taken it for a spin. The cameras also rotate for 360 degrees giving filmmakers different angles of a single scene.

The new inspire also has a better battery. The new dual-battery system can last up to 25 minutes, up from its predecessor's 18-minute charge. The system is also self-heating allowing it to still take videos in cold temperatures.

Other features include a retractable landing gear, a dual operator control that has an FPV pilot camera, obstacle detection, and intelligent flight modes.

As mentioned, the Inspire 2 is geared towards professionals. Hobbyists may find it a bit too expensive or too complicated to use. It requires a high-performance computer for video editing, something that professional editors and filmmakers readily have access.

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