Nintendo Switch Rumored Games: Players Can Play Skyrim, Splatoon, Super Mario Mobile Game On Launch Date?

Nintendo Switch will reportedly come with three games upon its launch date on March 2017. A Mario title, Splatoon and Skyrim are among them but Legend of Zelda will not be one of them.

Splatoon Bundled For Nintendo Switch

There are rumors that Splatoon will be the game bundled with the Nintendo Switch which was reportedly priced at more than $300. One rumored feature of the game is a player versus player mode. The two players can fight each other in multiplayer matches using the game's map and weapons could be selected and discarded during the match. Splatoon multiplayer matches using the Switch handheld device is expected to last for only a few minutes.

Untitled Mario Game Launch At Same Date

The Mario game shown in the Switch video reveal will also be released on the same day as the new Nintendo platform, according to LPVG. However, the name of the rumored Mario game remains unknown. The Mario game would be 3D open world. However, it's reportedly a linear game and only has one end objective. The multiplayer part of the game is a co-op mode that requires two players. They are tasked with completing an objective but the game somehow prevents from straying from one another. A progress screen will show their progress. A demo for this untitled Mario game would be shown early next year.

Skyrim Included In Switch Launch Date

Despite Bethesda and Nintendo's silence, it seems that Skyrim will accompany the Switch on its launch date. Mod support will also be included but only after launch date. Unfortunately, mods will only be limited to the ones already existing in the game which is similar to PS4's current policy.

These are all speculations and rumors but will soon be proven or not probably early next year. Nintendo promised to announce more Switch related details on Jan. 2017. Hopefully, it will include information on what kind of games that can be expected.

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