Domino´s Is Delivering Pizza By Drones To Its Customers

Domino´s Pizza is delivering its products to customers by drones in New Zeland, which represent the realization of a thought project that the pizzeria chain has been working since August, in which the company announced that it had begun some tests with Flirtey for a program to deliver pizza in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The Main Goal Is To Deliver The Pizza Within 10 Minutes

According to Engadget, Domino´s Pizza group CEO Don Meji said that although this is a service that is currently available only for select customers, the company may expand the drone deliveries to wider areas in short term, which means that many more people could enjoy this incredible service. Also, he explained that UAVs offer a safer and faster delivery than any vehicle and that its goal is to deliver a freshly-made order within 10 minutes.

Although pizzeria chain didn't announce any plan to bring this service to the U.S., it has been known that Flirtey is working on it. In fact, the company performed earlier this year its first FAA-sanctioned delivery in Nevada, in which the drones carried emergency food and a first-aid kit to an empty house. However, the only issue is that U.S. drone standards and policies are characterized for being very strict.

A Well-Designed Drone For This Kind Of Job

According to Digital Trends, the drone that Flirtey designed for the pizza delivery is made from aluminum, carbon fibre and 3D printed components. Also, this device includes incredible features like the ability to automatically return to its base or another safe location, in the case that there´s some battery issue or the loss of its GPS. As might be expected, these drones are equipped with a tether to safely lower the cargo into customers´ houses.

This partnership between Domino´s Pizza and Flirtey only show how technology can make it all easier and greater. Although it might seem like a scene from a futuristic movie, having the benefit of getting a pizza in less than 15 minutes with a UAV, is now something that could happen very soon.

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