Pokémon GO News: Players Request More Pokéballs, BUT Research Says There's No Way To Influence Evolution?

Pokémon GO may be putting in too many spawns where Pokéballs lack. Players have reportedly voiced out their complaints on Reddit. Niantic may have added in too many spawns but decreased the current number of Pokéballs which are expected to be increased soon.

It is said that there has been a massive decrease in the number of Pokeballs that are being found from Pokéstops recently. This is believed to be caused by the plethora of Pokémon GO events that the developers have had in the recent months. Moreover, trainers are reportedly having more and more trouble trying to catch and maintain the Pokémon creatures of their liking due to all the extra spawns Niantic introduced.

Pokémon GO developer Niantic revealed the extra spawns during the events that they unleashed the past few months. However, the developer is expected to consider how it is possible to keep up with all the extra catches with less Pokéballs. A number of players have reportedly complained on the Silph Road on Reddit in the past couple of weeks.

Niantic is now expected to roll out with more Pokéballs with the increase of Pokémon spawning in Pokémon GO lately. In the meantime, selecting only necessary Pokémon is believed to be the way to get through. Previously, gamers can just catch them all but with less Pokéballs, it is said to be overwhelming.

In other news, a Silph Road study reportedly revealed that Pokémon GO players may not influence the results of a Pokémon evolution for maximized chances of getting best post-evolution movesets. Apparently, Pokémon GO moves evolution are impossible to predict. The moves have been noted to change once the Pokémon creature evolves.

Pokémon GO moves evolution are also said to be very random. Apparently, the Silph Road results have noted that absolutely nothing can be done to influence what movesets a certain Pokémon creature will evolve too. Furthermore, the study revealed that odds are any Pokémon will have a specific type of attack post-evolution. Watch a hack to get unlimited free Pokeballs here:

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